LAND FOR SALE / LAST UPDATED February - 18,2017

Amazing 30.5 Are Plot of Freehold Land in Cepaka,Cepaka - Freehold

Reference ID: LC-013

The amazing 30.5 are plot of freehold land in Cepaka had long been known to a select few as a fantastic ‘local frontier’; a fantastic village with so much of what Bali has to offer, located off the beaten path but easily accessible. Rice field views that extend as far as the eye can see, deep ancient rain forests, roaring rivers and some of the best Babi Guling in all of Bali.

Around a decade ago, a handful of entrepreneurial visionaries found the elements of Cepaka ideal to create fantastic villa estates for the burgeoning Bali event business (weddings, holiday homes, and retreats) and the secret was out. The area quickly become known for the grandeur of the estates, the “real Bali” feel of the village, and the peace and quiet to be enjoyed looking out over the mighty Penet River onto the rain forest jungle. This plot of 3,500 sqm of gently sloping land is your opportunity to get in on the secret.

With 67 meters of width and 45 meters of depth, the plot is already fortified with a massive retaining wall, creating a small cliff and positioning the edge of the land 8-10 meters above the river. The plot is ideal for the creation of a retreat or holiday home, and given its fantastic proportions, it could easily accommodate more than one private villa as well. Unobstructed and perpetually protected rain forest views across the river ensure that this plot will provide years of enjoyment for the right forward thinking developer.


Environment : Village



Ref-ID: LO-005

Rp 8.877.500.000
  • USD: $ 670,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-023

  • USD: $ 982,000
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LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-021

Rp 9.500.250.000
  • USD: $ 717,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-020

Rp 15.688.000.000
  • USD: $ 1,184,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold