Land for Sale in Berawa, Canggu Bali 4,60 Are,Berawa - Freehold

Reference ID: LC-016

Land for sale in Berawa Canggu Bali 4,60 are. Plots of land like this one do not stay on the market for long. Yes, you’ve read that several times already, but when you read it here you can believe that it is not just marketing hype. This very well priced plot of land for sale in Berawa (Brah-wah), Canggu (Chang -goo) Bali is a 460 square meter plot of gently sloping land, bordering a small river, overlooking the rice fields. With 13 meters of river frontage and approximately 35 meters of depth with a back border 15 meters, this plot has got the right feng shui as all of the good fortune pours in and fills the land with the good vibes that Bali has to offer. If feng shui is not your “thing”, then consider the good shape, the gentle slope (reducing the need to cut and fill the land prior to construction), and the very reasonable price.

Given its location in Berawa, halfway between Echo Beach and Batu Belig and within a few minutes drive to Finn’s Beach Club, this western/northwestern facing plot offers something that not many can boast; namely, great size, fair price and proximity to all of the Bali lifestyle attractions and international schools, while at the same time offering a bit of seclusion and privacy.

When you consider how to invest in Bali, and your budget is in the neighborhood of USD $500,000, yes, you could purchase a home from the secondary market as so many smart investors have done already. Naturally, you would have to spend some time and money to modify the villa to suit your tastes and preferences, and perhaps that means that you’d have less to spend on the initial investment. But you could have a version of your dream house within a couple of months of buying.

Or, you could invest in an empty piece of land and build your dream villa from scratch. Building and architectural standards in Bali have improved dramatically over the past 5 years and you’d have a wide range of design and construction options at your fingertips. You could easily create the ideal dream home for substantially less than $500K (inclusive of land and build) and have a small pile of money left over for fun and games.


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Ref-ID: LO-005

Rp 8.877.500.000
  • USD: $ 670,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-023

  • USD: $ 982,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-021

Rp 9.500.250.000
  • USD: $ 717,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

Ref-ID: LC-020

Rp 15.688.000.000
  • USD: $ 1,184,000
  • AUD:
LAND FOR SALE - Freehold