LAND FOR SALE / LAST UPDATED February - 18,2017

Land for Sale in Berawa, Canggu Bali; Banjar Tandeg 9.15 Are,Berawa - Leasehold

Reference ID: LC-012

This new piece of leasehold land for sale in Berawa, Canggu, Bali in Banjar Tandeg is located toward the northern edges of the village of Berawa, and sits between the Canggu Club and the main Canggu Road. This area is quietly known by many as a great spot for villa development because while each side of the main road through the banjar (Jalan Pantai Berawa) has been developed for years, the magic of Tandeg lies just behind the shops. There one can find a fabulous range of building sites, very well priced, with many enjoying green belt rice field views.

For those curious souls who have been monitoring the ebbs and flows of the Bali property market, you’ve seen certain areas come in and out of favour as a number of factors affect the surrounding areas of each village. This fine piece of land for sale is well positioned within the newest hot spot – Berawa – to take advantage of the change sweeping through southern Bali at the moment. Tuban, Kuta and Legian dominated the market in south Bali during the early days before most of us even arrived here in Bali. The village of Seminyak led the way through the Bali property boom of the early new millennium. The current village of favour in the Bali real estate market is Berawa (Brah-wah), located on the eastern edge of Canggu (Chahn-goo). Within the last 5 years the rate of smart development in Berawa has been phenomenal.

Additions like the Bali Equestrian Centre, the new Montessori School, the Canggu Club, Splash Waterpark, Bounce Trampoline Park, Strike Bowling and Finn’s Beach Club have brought the village from a small “in between” spot conjoining Canggu with the Seminyak area to a fully fledged tourism destination with the complete range of amenities on offer; fine dining, creative casual cuisine, smart and sophisticated retail, and of course, Bali’s world famous beaches.

This plot of 915m2 (41.5m long x 22m wide) has 3 meter wide paved access, is gently sloping, and while the view may be somewhat impacted, a bit of clever landscaping will ensure views and privacy for years to come. Offered on leasehold through June of 2050 with an option to extend.


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Ref-ID: LO-005

Rp 8.877.500.000
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LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

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  • USD: $ 982,000
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LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

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Rp 9.500.250.000
  • USD: $ 717,000
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LAND FOR SALE - Freehold

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Rp 15.688.000.000
  • USD: $ 1,184,000
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LAND FOR SALE - Freehold