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Joglo Style Perfected, Bali Villa for Sale,Pererenan - Freehold

Reference ID: VC-010

Joglo Style Perfected, Bali Villa for Sale
The designer of this luxurious private estate villa, has achieved what many set out to accomplish with the Joglo villa concept, but often fall short. He mixed the timeless Indonesian Joglo style perfectly by retaining the Joglo structure yet adding complementary modern design elements and amenities. The result is this luxury estate spread out over a generous 4000 sqm of manicured land next to a relaxing stream in Pererenan.
Everybody loves a Joglo, but not everyone loves the rustic feel associated with living in one. You want luxury, but also the Joglo, so what do you do? You could travel Indonesia, sourcing the Joglos, the land, and then spend a couple of years along with millions putting it all together. Or, you could find someone who has already done this and buy theirs at a premium. Or better yet, you could just get this one at a fantastic discounted price!
A contemporary pavilion and antique timber Joglos elegantly adapt for luxury living house, the property’s 7 bedrooms, sweeping lawns, gorgeous tropical gardens, 2 swimming pools and dining areas, a barbecue and billiard bale, yoga studio and garden grottos create a chilled and extravagant habitat. All of this while resting on a charming river and overlooking Green Belt rice field views.
Located in a chic area of Pererenan knows for its large luxury properties, this villa is just minutes to the beach, and a short drive to Canggu hotspots such as Echo Beach 5 minutes to the South, or Tanah Lot just a bit to the North. This villa is licensed for rentals and managed by one of the top agencies on the island.

The property is offered on 3092 m2 of freehold land and 890 m2 of leasehold land.
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Ref-ID: VC-028

Rp 12.370.800.000
  • USD: 845,000
  • AUD:
VILLA FOR SALE - Leasehold

Ref-ID: VC-027

Rp 8.037.360.000
  • USD: $ 549,000
  • AUD:

Ref-ID: VC-026

Rp 5.782.800.000
  • USD: $ 395,000
  • AUD:
VILLA FOR SALE - Leasehold

Ref-ID: VC-025

Rp 4.977.600.000
  • USD: $ 340,000
  • AUD:
VILLA FOR SALE - Leasehold